校长每周简讯 Principal’s Weekly Message 04-30-2017

Dear PCS Members,


HXPCS will have normal school activities this Sunday, Apr. 30th, 2017.  Please find below the details of our school activities this week.


Highlights of Activities:


1.      HXPCS Announcement of 2017 Annual Election on April 30, 2017

2.      我校18位辩论赛选手在总校南区辩论赛比赛中成绩优异

3.      《普兰之声》174 : 从家里要不要养狗狗到学校实验室再到各地的朋友,从小作文也能看孩子们眼中不断拓展的世界。

4.      Quakerbridge learning center- (快捷教育中心)2017 暑期學業進修營OPEN HOUSE

5.      Princeton Tuxedo: Program Specials

6.      Special Thanks to Our Partners.

7.      Metamorphosis concert featuring the US premiere of Zhou Tian's BROKEN INK

8.      Princeton College Consulting.


1.    HXPCS Announcement of 2017 Annual Election on April 30, 2017

Date/Time: Sunday, April 30, 2017, 1:30.m. - 5:00p.m.

Location: Lower dining hall, WW-P High School North

Purpose: Annual Election of school Principal / Vice Principal and Board of Trustees.

Voting Policies:

·                     Only the General Members of the HXPCS who have fully paid tuitions and applicable fees are eligible to vote.

·                     One vote for each candidate position from each registered family.

·                     The eligible voter can obtain a ballot with a valid government issued photo ID from the members of the Election Committee.

·                     If an eligible voter could not cast the vote in person, he or she could vote by an absentee ballot. If an eligible voter needs an absentee ballot, please send an email to pcs.electioncommittee2016@gmail.com.

·                     Because there is only one candidate pair running for the Principal/Vice Principal position, the candidate pair must receive at least one-half (1/2) of valid votes casted at the Election to be elected.

·                     Because there are only four (4) candidates running for the four (4) open Board of Trustees positions, each candidate must receive at least one-half (1/2) of valid votes casted at the Election to be elected.


Candidates for HXPCS Principal / Vice Principal

Serving term of one (1) school year (2017-2018)

 Michael Yang 杨志强/Aaron Yang (杨尧)

Candidates for HXPCS Board of Trustees (In alphabetical order of last name)

Serving term of two (2) school years (2017-2019)

Yanhui Chen/陈延辉

Jinping Gan

Jimmy Hao /郝建明

Billy Huang 黄亚民

Annie Yu


2.      我校18位辩论赛选手在总校南区辩论赛比赛中成绩优异。







3.      PCS Voices #174: 《普兰之声》174





副主编: 刘婷婷

责任编辑: 解佳霏 





4.      Quakerbridge learning center- (快捷教育中心)2017 暑期學業進修營OPEN HOUSE

小班精華課程,學分認證課目開辦包括Elite Option II Honors Courses:  Geometry • Algebra  I/II • Pre-Calculus •  Biology • Chemistry • Physics. Other Courses:  Grades 4-10 Reading•Writing•Math • Public Speaking • Creative Writing • Science/STEM. Test Perpetration: SAT I • SAT II Subject Tests • ACT • SSAT • PSAT* Python • AP Computer Science • Game Coding • Multi-Culturalism/Current Events • Intro to Biology/Physics. Some courses could sign-up 4 weeks program.

OPEN HOUSE 週末(03/4),(03/11),(03/18) ,(03/25).10-4:00 pm. Early Bird Discount rate from $75 to $300 off. 請上網www.quaker-bridge.com 或電609-933-8806 詳詢。

5.      Princeton Tuxedo

Prom Specials: Savings up to $50 on Each Tuxedo Rental Save $10 on Shoe Rental

4120 Quaker Bridge Road, Lawrenceville, NJ, (609) 799-6010       


http://www.hxpcs.org/docs/ad/2017sponsor/HX Newsletter Ad.pdf

6.      Special Thanks to Our Partners

Platinum Partners

·         Princeton College Consulting

·         Kai Yue Foundation (恺悦基金会)

·         Dr. Larry Z Liu and Dr. Lili Wang

·         Middlesex County Grants

Gold Sponsors

·         Asian Food Market of Princeton (美东超市)

·         Mr. Bo Wang

·         Fusion House (百味居)


·         MassMutual Financial Group

·         MLD Mortgage Inc. Xin Li (LMLD资深贷款经纪李新)

资深贷款经纪李新 服务于41年的房屋贷款公司MLD Mortgage Inc,愿为大家提供专业诚信的服务;低费用,低利率,审批快捷。欢迎与我联系



NMLS# 392973

公司地址:30B Vreeland RdFlorham ParkNJ 07932

·         NJ Chinese Festival Chair Margaret Lam (新州中国日林洁辉主席)

·         PNC Mortgage Grace Hao (PNC贷款专家郝玉華)

·         Document Depot

101 Main Street, Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton, NJ 08540

7.      Metamorphosis concert featuring the US premiere of Zhou Tian's BROKEN INK

On May 7 Metamorphosis concert featuring the US premiere of Zhou Tian's BROKEN INK will be performed by the Princeton Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Rossen Milanov. The Hangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles co-commissioned the work with support from the Hangzhou city government. Members of the Hangzhou Federation including Vice Chair Min Zhang will be in attendance at the concert and the post-concert reception at Princeton University Art Museum.


The concert takes place Sunday, May 7 at 4 pm in at Richardson Auditorium, Alexander Hall, on the campus of Princeton University. The 3 pm pre-concert talk and post-concert reception are free to ticket holders.

http://www.hxpcs.org/docs/ad/2017-04-27/Metamorphosis concert featuring the US premiere of Zhou Tian.docx


8.      Princeton College Consulting

Princeton College Consulting is a New Jersey based educational consulting company committed to helping students earn admission to their top choice colleges and universities. We provide expert college preparation and application assistance to students and families in New Jersey, throughout the United States and Internationally. Our service to clients is distinguished by unparalleled personal attention, our knowledge of colleges, attention to details and achievement of results. In the last three years 93% percent of students were admitted to a top choice college. Our Counselors recognize the importance of this life event and work with you to minimize the stresses and anxieties often associated with the college selection and admission process.  

http://www.hxpcs.org/docs/ad/2016-10-09/PCC Flyer pdf.pdf


Yanhui Chen

Principal of HX Chinese School at Plainsboro





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